To Our Stockholders:


  • Make a sound profit

Advance Management Solutions, Inc.

Elaine is the ultimate professional. Her mastery of accounting principles allows her to quickly and accurately review and troubleshoot any financial documents. She displays uncanny patience in making sure that even the most "novice" person understands the rationale and math involved in making financial decisions. It is my pleasure to highly recommend her.  Vinetta K. Washington


To Our Clients We Must

  • Provide high quality services
  • Maintain reasonable prices
  • Serve clients promptly and accurately

To The Community:

  • Support good works
  • Support charities
  • Pay our fair share of taxes

To Our Employees:

  • Consider their individuality
  • Respect their dignity
  • Recognize their merit
  • Provide equal opportunities for employment & development
  • Help them fulfill their family responsibilities